It seriously takes a village!
We’re those special kind of weirdos that get off on helping people and impacting the world.
There is something like fire in our belly that drives us to come up with ways to try and make the world a better place. If you feel the same? Hello my lovely! Welcome to the collective of do-gooders we’re excited you’re here to join in with the FUN!
We decided to pool our collective wisdom and create a FREE online event designed to help you, me, your kids or even Granny draw on our innate powers to bring more peace and good juju into our lives and the lives of people around the world each and every day! Content will also be accessible for schools globally. And help incredible people through HUGE charity donations!! Wahoo!

Suzanne Hall
Suzanne Hall - Co-Founder of Superpower Summit
Suzanne is frankly an epic force for good. Founder & CEO of The BE Intent group.  Suzanne’s a serial entrepreneur, her biz baby BE Intent fits beautifully into her sustainable, profitable, ecological, educational and inspirational business model. Suzanne always places front and center the importance of her projects having a positive impact on the individual, the community, the country and the world. Just being near this lady makes you feel inspired and hopeful for a better world.
Suzanne was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit (which is a big deal peeps). She is also a prestigious Talent Unleashed winner - an award that encourages innovative and disruptive businesses in tech.
Natalie Alexia
Natalie Alexia - Co-Founder of Superpower Summit
Natalie is a creative powerhouse.  Responsible for the Global movement Love is the True Black, Natalie collaborated with the UN and thought leaders in the personal development space, such as Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley, and Jack Canfield (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series) to generate a campaign that resulted in over 30 thousand people engaging on Social Media. Natalie has traveled all over the world Coaching, Writing & Speaking. A bit of a closet over-achiever, Nat had 3 kids and ran a 7 figure biz by the time she was 30. Natalie has been a student of Human Potential for over 20 years; her mission is to be a source of disseminating wisdom for a more all round fabulous world.

Sam Beard
Sam Beard - Literal Living Legend

We like to think of Sam as a legend in his own underpants. Sam has had a JAW DROPPING career working in Social policy with 8 US Presidents - yes, 8 US PRESIDENTS! That’s quite WOW isn’t it! Sam also started the Jefferson presidential awards in the USA with Jackie O., awarded for public service. But there is life in the old dog yet (sorry Sam!). Sam might be the most vibrant 70 something year old fellow you’ve ever met. After his own personal transformation, Sam is on a mission to leave a legacy of multiplying mindfulness globally. We are inspired and excited for the Summit to be a BE THE GIFT initiative.

Hannah Ashcroft
Hannah Ashcroft
Hannah has the kind of brain that frankly every business needs! Hannah is responsible for a large part of the overall Summit strategy and keeping us on track! With more than 18 years of world class experience in Sales, Finance, Business Strategy and Consulting, Hannah has worked with hundreds of clients from solo-preneurs right up to some of the largest global organisations, helping them to achieve explosive results that are in complete alignment with their core values and vision.
Rita Veiga
Rita is a social media marketing wiz, and we are thrilled to have her multi-national magic as part of the team… With years of experience in marketing, communication, logistic and sales, in three different countries, Portugal, England and Spain.

Janssen Uy
Janssen Uy
Janssen, is a newly graduated Web Developer from Auckland NZ. Originally from Cebu, Philippines, he loves to dive into projects and solve problems, and a new problem is just a new adventure to him. And thank goodness for that!! When he’s not writing code, you can usually find him either fencing with swords, or working on new projects.
Keri Molloy
Keri Molloy
With more than 30 years experience as a journalist and photographer, working in news and feature writing. Author and illustrator, do her talents know no bounds? Apparently not, as Keri’s exhibited graphics and oil paintings in Cape Town, Whangarei and Kerikeri. Keri literally saved our bacon by going through hours of footage to find the juiciest bits… just for you! Keri says, "I am struck by the tinyness of mankind on the scale of the things and, this week, I particularly like Gandhi's simple advice; 'Be truthful, gentle and fearless.'"

Ben Dickens
Ben Dickens
Ben is a freelance filmmaker, photographer and composer based in Central Wellington, NZ.  He's in his second year, studying a Bachelor of Creative Media Production at Massey University. Ben has been an amazing creative lead on our video editing team. An avid music and movie lover.  Random fact about Ben - he's a huge fan of Broadway and stage musicals.
When asked for a quote:
“It’s not where you take things from. It’s where you take them to.” - Jean Luc-Godard
Tallulah Monk
Tallulah Monk
Tallulah is a Brit who was brought up in Southern Spain and is now a High School Senior in Southern California. As a #virgo she has a keen eye for detail and some of the best listening ears we have come across. Tallulah is an avid feminist, passionate about politics and using power to be a force for positive change! Tallulah attended Jack Canfield’s breakthrough to Success at age 14 and spent her summer camp at a mindfulness retreat in the UK. So she seemed like another magical pair of eyes and ears to trawl through hours of footage to bring you some of the best curated content around.

Felix Walton
Felix Walton
Felix is a Media Studies and Computer Science student at the University of Auckland. Felix's love of sharing stories and hearing & learning from other people’s experiences is what made him a perfect fit for our video editing team. When we asked Felix to share a fave quote he picked this one:
“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion, to the futility of thinking and striving anymore. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.” - Kurt Vonnegut
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